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omar hussein predicts sudan being a country filled with terrorists. #satire

Omar Hussain on harassment, women rights and corruption.


On his first visit to the Gaza Strip, Daniel Day-Lewis meets the Palestinian families living in the heart of the danger zone – and the psychologists who are counselling them.

(Read: Inside Scarred Minds by Daniel Day-Lewis, 2005)

Sharia police state? Saudi husbands can track wives’ travels electronically

Saudi Arabia introduced an electronic tracking system that alerts men by text message when their wife is leaving the country, even if they are traveling together. The system was swiftly condemned by activists and Twitter users.

Saudi women – banned in the country from driving, denied the right to travel without their husband’s consent and required to wear a veil from head to toe – are now to be monitored by a new electronic system that tracks cross-border movement, AFP reported.

Woman in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to leave the ultraconservative kingdom without the permission of their male ‘guardian,’ or husband, who must give his consent by signing a register known as the ‘yellow sheet’ at the border or airport. Now, husbands will receive a text message to remind them even if they’re traveling outside the country alongside their wife.

The move was quickly condemned and ridiculed on Twitter, which has remained an island of free speech in the repressive Islamic nation:

“Hello Taliban, herewith some tips from the Saudi e-government,” one user wrote.

“If I need an SMS to let me know my wife is leaving Saudi Arabia, then I’m either married to the wrong woman or need a psychiatrist,” user Hisham wrote.

“Why don’t you cuff your women with ankle bracelets too?” user Israa joked.

User Raza Ahmad quipped, “Good going Saudi Arabia, what’s next chastity belts?”

“The authorities are using technology to monitor women, it would be better for the government to busy itself with finding a solution for women subjected to domestic violence,” columnist Badriya al-Bishr said, criticizing what she called the “state of slavery under which women are held.”

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. In June 2011, female activists lead by Manal al-Sheif launched a campaign to defy the ban. But many were arrested and forced to sign a pledge that they would never drive again. In a similar incident in November 1990, 47 women were arrested after staging a demonstration in their cars.

King Abdullah, seen by the West as a cautious reformer, granted women the right to vote and run in municipal election beginning in 2015. Also, the newly appointed chief of the religious police commission – which enforces Saudi Arabia’s severe version of Sharia law – Sheikh Abdullatif Abdel Aziz al-Sheikh, banned members of the commission from harassing Saudi women over their dress and behavior.

But these signs of a more lenient attitude towards women have done little to dent a widely repressive and patriarchal culture. The kingdom enforces strict rules governing interactions between the sexes, and the many restrictions placed on Saudi women have led to high levels of female unemployment, estimated to around 30 percent.

Suicide rates among young Saudi women are also some of the highest in the world, with many attempting to take their lives “when they realize that their right to choose with their own free will is denied,” an anonymous female doctor in the Saudi city of Riyadh said in a 2011 interview.

“Saudi women are treated as minors throughout their lives, even if they hold high positions, there can never be reform in the Kingdom without changing the status of women as equals to men,” liberal activist Suad Shemmari told AFP.

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Israel, you're doing it wrong - a photoset (via reddit)


Global anti-Israel Protests:

Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza have sparked global protests condemning the attack. Thousands of people across the Middle East, the West, and Europe have come out to show their disdain - Continue Reading @ RT

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The National: UAE enacts new internet law to combat cyber crime

ABU DHABI // The UAE yesterday implemented the most detailed and comprehensive cyber-crime law in the Arabian Gulf and wider Middle East.

For the first time, the full range of offences that can be committed using the internet has been codified, along with the sentences for those found guilty.

Crimes punishable under the new law include using the internet to transmit, publish or promote pornographic material, gambling activities and indecent acts.

The decree issued by the President, Sheikh Khalifa, also provides legal privacy protection to personal information online, including credit card and bank account details and electronic payment methods.

"This is the most detailed piece of legislation regarding the subject in the Gulf," said Dr Ali Al Jarman, managing partner at the Dubai law firm Prestige Advocates.

"The law includes penalties for insults to religion and inciting conspiracy which are some of the most relevant issues at this time. It includes everything from privacy and personal protection to human and drug trafficking."

The new law builds on a 2006 decree on cyber crime, which Dr Al Jarman said was very general and did not provide clear guidelines to protect the public interest.

"However, this new law has managed to encompass everything needed to safeguard against the possible violations that can take place in this rapidly evolving technology," he said.

The law creates offences of violating the privacy of others by eavesdropping and electronic publishing of information and photos, even if what is published is authentic.

It will also be an offence to publish information online, or through any information technology means, with the intention to engage in trafficking in persons or human organs.

Under the new law, anyone convicted of creating or running websites that deride or damage the reputation or stature of the country and its rulers will face a minimum jail sentence of three years. Expatriate offenders will be deported.

Anyone using electronic sites to call for disobeying the laws and regulations of the State, as well as to call for demonstrations, marches and similar activities without obtaining a licence, also faces imprisonment.

The new law is also aimed at operators, publishers and owners of websites that are involved in crime, according to Rashid Tahlak from Rashid Tahlak Advocates and Legal Consultants.

"The law is very detailed and states that who sets up the website where a crime occurs, the person who manages it, the owner of the website and employees in it may be held liable," he said.

"If a person publishes something on Facebook that is illegal, Facebook might be held liable according to this law."

"The UAE is a fast developing country and hosts people from many cultures and backgrounds," said lawyer Yousif Al Bahar, from Al Bahar Advocates.

"Technology is spreading fast here and such a law is needed to protect individuals from rapidly evolving technology crimes."


12-year-old Huda Darwish was sitting in her classroom when a stray bullet from an Israeli sniper hit her. After three weeks in a coma, she is finally waking up. Her relatives’ joy quickly vanishes when they realise that the bullet has left her blind. The reality of her shattered life suddenly hits her. “I want to die. Why did this happen to me?” she asks. Her family have no answers.

Huda’s teacher Said Sinwar:

It was a normal lesson when suddenly there was this shooting without any warning. The children were terrified and trying to run. I was shouting at them to get under their desks. Suddenly the bullet hit the little girl and she slumped to the floor with a sigh, not even screaming.

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In Pictures: Gaza Strip under Israeli attack

Over the past 48 hours, the Israeli army has escalated their aerial and ground attacks against the Gaza Strip. At least five Palestinians, including children, have been killed, and more than 30 others, including 6 women and 12 children, have been wounded. 

Four of these deaths and 38 of the injuries, some of them serious, resulted from an Israeli attack in the residential neighborhood of al-Shoja’iya, east of Gaza City, which occurred on Sunday. 

Al Jazeera

(Credit for photographs: Anne Paq / Al Jazeera)

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